10 free things to do or see on Maui: No. 2 beaches

Maui Hawaii

Note: Links to other posts at end.

Maui has so many great beaches and hidden coves that it’s hard to make recommendations, but I’ll try.

One the west side of the island, Ka’anapali Beach is one of Maui’s longest (3 miles) and most popular beaches. Kapalua Beach is a nice crescent beach that attracts families and sea turtles. DT Fleming Beach Park (one of my favorite beaches) is great for body surfing and boogie boarding. On the southeastern part of Maui, check out Makena Beach.

Some good beginner surf spots are Lahaina’s Puamana Beach Park, the Lahiana Breakwall, Kihei Cove, Launiupoko Beach and Ka’anapali Beach.

I recently wrote about the top 5 snorkeling beaches on Maui.

Note: I took the featured photo of DT Fleming Beach Park.

Links to the other nine free things to do or see on Maui:

1. Shows

3. Lessons

4. Farmers markets

5. Trails and nature

6. Wildlife

7. Art and festivals

8. Scenic drives

9. Transportation

10. Parking

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