SouveNEAR aims to make airport shopping fun and support local artists

SouveNEAR art vending machine
Items for sale at one of SouveNEAR’s vending machines in the Kansas City International Airport. (Sheryl Jean)

Airport gifts might bring to mind images of magnets and key chains.

SouveNEAR is trying to change that by selling locally made art through vending machines. I spied two of its vending machines at the Kansas City International Airport (it has six there).

This is the second time I’ve run across “vendo art” in my travels. In February, I wrote about a vending machine in Minneapolis that sells mini pieces of original art — at $5 a pop. Art-o-mat, a North Carolina artist collective, has more than 100 refurbished cigarette machines across North America.

SouveNEAR art 2
Visitors to Kansas City can by locally made gifts at a SouveNEAR vending machine at the airport. (Sheryl Jean)

SouveNEAR happens to be based in Kansas City, Mo., and run by two women — Tiffany King and Suzanne Southard. They started the business in 2014 to offer convenient mementos to visitors while supporting local artists. They find local artists — not just in Kansas City — and commission work designed and made locally.

Gifts I saw at the Kansas City airport ranged from chocolate and earrings to coasters and small paintings for $5 to $35. Customers can pay by credit card, Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

In addition, SouveNEAR has two other vending machines in the Kansas City, Mo., metro area: one at Union Station (downstairs by the Extreme Screen and Planetarium entrance) and one at Garmin Ltd.’s headquarters in Olathe, Kan. It also has three machines at the Oakland, Calif., International Airport and one machine at The Hall on Market, a food and drink venue in San Francisco.