Free showers: New Zealand airport perk is a fresh idea

Say you’re flying to New Zealand for a business meeting and, due to a delay, you don’t have time to first stop by your hotel after nearly 30 hours of travel.

Wouldn’t it be nice to at least take a shower before making your big sales pitch?

You can — if you happen to be at the Auckland or Christchurch airports in New Zealand. The best part is — the showers are free.

As someone who has paid to shower at a truck stop before taking a flight after a week of hiking and camping, I embrace the idea. I’m sure my fellow airline travelers would, too.

Showers are another way airports worldwide are, well, showering travelers with more amenities to keep them occupied and entertained while waiting up to several hours on their property. Nowadays, many airports have top-notch restaurants, yoga rooms, play areas, spas and more.

While some services generate revenue for airports, others such as free gardens, art and showers are more about making weary travelers feel comfortable than making money.

“Auckland Airport is essentially the country’s international gateway, therefore many of our guests will either have traveled from or be headed to other parts of New Zealand,” airport spokesman Gez Johns said in an email. “We therefore think it’s important to provide them with an opportunity to freshen up along their journey.”

Auckland Airport on the North Island provides seven free showers in or near bathrooms in the international terminal — five in the departures area and two in arrivals outside the secure zone. All of them are unisex and two are wheelchair accessible. In addition, the airport’s Emperor Lounge, its guest lounge, rents towels for the departures area showers for $5 plus a $5 deposit.

The Airport is adding three more showers as part of an upgrade to its international departures terminal, which will be finished in 2018, Johns said. It’s New Zealand’s largest and busiest airport, with over 17 million passengers a year.

Smaller Christchurch Airport (over 6 million passengers a year) on the South Island has eight free showers in each of its accessible bathrooms — two in the secure departures area and six in the land-side, non-secure area. (See photo at top.)

Although the showers are “not intended for able-bodied visitors’ use” some long-distance travelers use them, Yvonne Densem, spokeswoman for the Christchurch Airport, said in an email. The airport is in process of updating its public restrooms, she said.

Both airports’ online maps use shower symbols to designate where they are, but the maps are not up to date and do not show all of the locations. Go to an information booth at each airport or explore if you have time.


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